City University College of Ajman continues to be a learning center that applies the American education system model modified to fit local requirements and offers specializations needed for the job market. Its demographically diversified academic community cultivates personality development, improves self-learning skills, and encourages the pursuit of continuous learning and academic research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Accordingly, CUCA aspires to become a distinguished university at the national, regional, and international levels.


The mission of City University College of Ajman is to offer a competitive fee structure and sustainable, top-quality, and market-driven academic programs that give its students the opportunity to excel and reach their aspirations and ambitions. CUCA provides its students with an education that is diverse in the fields of Business Administration, Law, Public Relations and Advertising, Education, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Architecture. In addition, the College creates an environment that is conducive to learning, promotes community engagement, encourages a culture of research, fosters individual growth, and facilitates a teaching and learning atmosphere centered on critical thinking, innovation, and diversity.

CUCA Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Raise the Quality of Teaching and Learning, and Introduce New Academic Programs that Add Value to the UAE Higher Education Sector.

Goal 2: Continuously Improve Institutional Effectiveness and Quality.

Goal 3: Continuously Enhance Infrastructure, Resources, and Student Services.

Goal 4: Foster Relationships with the UAE Community.

Goal 5: Become a Nationally, Regionally, and Internationally Recognized University.

Goal 6: Encourage a College-Wide Research Culture.

Core Values


     in all College functions including our academic programs, student support, community engagement, and other services.


through honesty and transparency, coupled with trust, responsibility, and honor.


to the profession of teaching and improving the total learning experience for our students.


in teaching and learning for students from different cultural backgrounds to establish a top-notch learning environment.


in any activity within and outside of the College.


in all College activities, especially between faculty, staff members, and students.


for all individuals, along with the customs and practices of the UAE.


by delegating authority and accountability to all faculty and staff members to promote efficiency and problem-solving at all levels.


by anticipating change and responding to the requirements of our stakeholders.


through our recognition and rewards program while ensuring everyone feels that they are an integral part of the CUCA team.


by encouraging and supporting innovation, at the academic and administrative levels, to provide solutions for improving teaching and learning, and contributing to the growth of the UAE society.