Foundation Program

In accordance with standards and requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR), and the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), CUCA offers a Foundation or “Remedial” Program. This program is especially designed for students who obtain a score of less than 60% in the UAE General Secondary School Certificate. The program is based on the requirements found in the CAA/MOHESR document Foundation Program in Non-Federal Institutions, August 2009 and supplemented in September 2009.

The Foundation Program is designed to be delivered in a full-time mode within two semesters. No extension to this time frame is acceptable. Students enrolled in the Foundation Program are not considered to be “matriculated” (qualified for a degree program) and cannot be registered for any credit-bearing courses at the College before successful completion of all courses in the program.

Students who have a score of less than 60% in the General Secondary School Certificate are required to enter the Foundation Program prior to enrolling in an academic degree program.

CUCA offers the following courses designed to help students gain entry into higher education:

  • Arabic Communications
  • English Communications
  • General Study Skills
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
Courses Required Number of hours of each course Tuition Fees
Arabic Communications 3 hours AED 750 per hour
English Communications II 3 hours AED 750 per hour
General Study Skills 3 hours AED 750 per hour
Information Technology 3 hours AED 750 per hour
Mathematics 3 hours AED 750 per hour
English Communications I 9 hours AED 4000
Total  24 hours AED 11250 (If the student registers English Communications I)
AED 13000 (If the student registers English Communications II)