Students Council

  • The primary purpose of the Student Council is to serve as a recognized forum for student opinion. The Student Council is elected annually by the student body.
  • The Student Council operates within the laws of the United Arab Emirates and follows the procedures established and adopted by CUCA.
  • Activities: The activities of the Student Council include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Assisting CUCA in identifying the interests, programs, and goals of the student majority.
  2. Communicating those interests, programs, and goals of the student majority to CUCA.
  3. Assisting CUCA in providing students with programs to meet the needs of its students.
  • Election: The elections are conducted according to the Election Code of the Student Council.


Maryam Rashed Alshehhi
Master of Business Administration


Saeed Ali Alremeithi
BBA – Human Resource Management


Moaz Mohammed Kaaka
BBA – Marketing


Mohammad Saleh Bahri
Bachelor of Public Relations


Zainab Omolara
BBA – Finance and Accounting