Tolerance is Happiness contest

لوجو التسامح سعادة

  • Zayed’s Legacy “The Intellectual dimensions of Sheikh Zayed’s Leadership”.
  • Zayed Giving “Humanitarian Action for Sheikh Zayed Worldwide”.
  • The Mental Map of Happiness in United Arab Emirates.

These projects are on display and can be viewed on the ground floor of the campus, next to the cafeteria.

Please submit your contributions online by email and type “Tolerance is Happiness contest” in the subject line.

For more detail please download the PDF files

Articles should be about 600 to 900 words and must include the headline of the article. Be sure to include your name and telephone number (for verification, not for publication).

The deadline for submission is November 17.

The invitation to participate in this competition coincides with the National Festival for Tolerance “Zayed Approach”, the belief of the College’s management in the creative abilities of young people and the necessity of their participation in promoting the concepts and true meanings of the principle of tolerance and its great impact on society on all social, economic, security, cultural and religious levels.