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Salma Senaran Director of Enrollment
Randa Moustafa Assistant Registrar
Alaa Akil Sr. Registration Officer
Anas Bassam Student Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Mohammed Magdy Internal QA Supervisor
Ahmed Moustafa Admission Officer
Marwa Abdullah Admission Officer
Anhar Tarek Ahmed Registration Officer
Hessa Ahmad Registration Officer
Hossam Masoud Registration Officer
Ghada Shaaban Receptionist/Operator
Amna Bint Ahmed Receptionist/Tel. Operator



Shahid Saleem Financial Controller
Farhan Parvez Asst Financial Controller
Mohammed Tausif Malek Chief Accountant
Mohamed Faizan Sheikh Junior Accountant
Samia Ali Mujahed Accounts Assistant
Taj-Ud-Din Ismail Junior Accountant/Cashier
Muhammad Ali Rizwan Cashier
Ma Christina Cruz Cashier
Aireen Pajaron Cashier
Fazal Mustafa Cashier
Amro Nassar Cashier




Amal Al-Jiboury Head of Student Affairs
Ije Israel Student Activity Officer
Jagishwar Singh Mahil Sports Coordinator
Karim Essam Student Affairs Assistant


Yasir Saleem Manager-IT/Network
Awais Hassan IT Support Engineer
Syed Muhammed Azhar IT Support Engineer
Faran Mudassaq IT Assistant
Husalmeldin Fadul IT Assistant
Amir ali IT Assistant



Menna Fouad Marketing Officer
Ashif Abu Photographer and Digital Content Editor
Judy Subeh CAS Marketing Assistant
Jasdip Kaur CS Marketing Assistant
Paolo Ojerio Motion Graphics Designer
Mohamed Qudoos Shan Motion Graphics Designer


Parul Martin CEC Academic In-Charge
Saud Ahmed Khan Asst. Manager
Helcon Guinanao Intl student Coordinator/CEC Coordinator
Rama Motaz Billah koka CEC Assistant


Sadia Khan Director of HR & Administration
Leeni Wilson HR Manager
Diana Ivy Navarro HR Officer
Aliaa Radwan HR Officer
Rachel Noronha HR and Recruitment Coordinator
Ajini Varghese College Nurse
Dominic Paul College Nurse
Mohammed Amer Alameri Senior PRO
Fadel Mohamed PRO
Vishnu Haripriyan Chief Engineer
Shahriyar Mamun Asst Campus Supervisor
Shamim Easeph Facility Engineer
Abdul Hameed Mirza Senior Purchase Officer
Errol Oliver McDonald Health and Safety Officer
Najam Mahmood Security Supervisor
Darren Aquino Housekeeping Supervisor
Saiful Islam Transportation Assistant
Cristina Haabbiling Child Care
Syam Babu Maintenance Assistant


Dr. Hardeep Anant Program Director of MBA/BBA
Dr. Mahmoud Haj-Ahmed Director of Research
Dr. Shabir Hassan Banday Associate Professor, MBA
Dr. Vijaya Kumar Gudep Associate Professor, MBA
Dr. S. Edmund Christopher Associate Professor, MBA
Dr. Babeet Gupta Associate Professor, MBA
Dr. Riktesh Srivastava Associate Professor, MBA
Dr. Kalpana Solanki Assistant Professor – MBA


Dr. Adel Abu Hashima Department Chair, Law
Dr. Ahmed Hassan Fouly Acting Deputy Head, Law
Dr. Ahmed Al Refaei Professor, MLaw
Dr. Hala Ahmed Bahr Associate Professor, MLaw
Dr. Fouad Q. Musaeed Associate Professor, MLaw
Dr. Omer Fares Associate Professor, MLaw
Dr. Mahmoud Mokhtar Abdelmoghies Associate Professor, Law
Dr. Khalid Hussain Khalid Asst Professor, Law
Dr. Moiad Al Tawalbah Asst Professor, Law
Dr. Mohd El Naghy Asst Professor, Law



Dr. Ali Razooki Acting Dean, HS
Dr. Yaseen Alfoteih Associate Professor, BDS
Dr. Hala Afifi Associate Professor, BPharm
Mr. Ammad Tanvir Muhammad Khamis Lab Instructor



Dr. Muhamad Jumaa Department Chair, Fin & Accounting
Dr. Jaishu M. Antony Deputy Head, Fin & Accounting
Dr. Zaheda Ronak Daruwala Asst Professor, Fin & Acctg
Dr. Faisal Khan Asst. Professor, Fin & Acctg
Ms. Shatha Hussain Asst. Professor, Fin & Acctg



Dr. Hossam K. Ahmed Department Chair, HRM
Dr. Mohamed Abu Faiz Deputy Head- HRM (English)
Dr. Abdul Karim Kitana Deputy Head- HRM (Arabic)
Dr. Zainab Al Ghurabli Asst. Professor, HRM
Dr. Sai Geeta Kukunuru Asst. Professor, HRM
Dr. Marwan Yousef Asst Professor, HRM
Dr. Hamed Jawdat Usrof Asst Professor, HRM
Dr. Khalid Al Zamel Asst Professor, HRM
Dr. Tamadher Abdulwahhab Aldabbagh Asst Professor, HRM
Dr. Asaad Ali Karam Asst Professor,HRM
Dr. Abdallah Mohamed Mahmoud Taamneh Asst Professor,HRM
Dr. Ali Ahmed Abdelkader Ahmed Hossin Asst Professor,HRM
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Elbadawi ali Asst Professor,HRM
Dr. Brihan Fatin Yehia Hassan Asst Professor,HRM
Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Elsawy Asst Professor,HRM
Dr. Hima Parameswaran Asst Professor,HRM




Dr. Gihan El Soukary Acting Department Chair , HTM
Dr. Syed Ahmad Rizwan Assistant Professor, HTM in English



Dr. Saju Eapen Thomas Department Chair, Marketing
Dr. Rameshwaran Byloppilly Asst. Professor, Marketing
Dr. Beenish Shameem Asst. Professor, Marketing



Dr. Ayman Bassam Department Chair, MIS
Dr. Arif Mushtaq Asst Professor, MIS



Dr. Mohamed Firas Department Chair, PRA
Dr. Bassant Eyada Deputy Head, PRA
Dr. Mohamed Jehad Jamal Professor, PRA
Dr. Dawood Mutar Asst Professor, PRA
Dr. Samar Abdelhalim Asst Professor, PRA
Dr. Mahmoud Kaleem Asst Professor, PRA
Ms. Faten Aljazzar Lecturer, PRA
Mr. Radwan Mohamad TV Studio Supervisor
Dr. Nashwa Ahmed Sami Ahmed Ali Assistant Professor
Dr. Rabab Abdel Moniem Mohamed Mahmoud Assistant Professor



Dr. Khalid Y. Al Derbashi Department Chair, PDT
Dr. Haytham Bany-Issa Deputy Head, PDT



Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Mahdi Alrabeei Deputy Head, Gen. Ed.
Dr. Mohamed Hadi Najdawi Asst Professor, Gen. Ed.
Dr. Ahmad Ezzat Abdulzaher Asst. Professor, Gen. Ed
Dr. Ammar Mustafa Harmouch Asst Professor, Gen. Ed.
Dr. Awad Nawafleh Asst Professor, Gen. Ed.
Dr. Nibal Ahmed Fawzi Al Muallem Asst Professor, Gen. Ed.
Dr. Maher Ibrahim Tawadrous Asst Professor, Gen. Ed.
Dr. Mohamed Tarakhan Asst Professor, Gen. Ed.
Ms. Namita Das Lecturer, Gen. Ed.
Ms. Wafaa Abedi Lecturer, Gen. Ed.
Ms. Saada Adbel Gawad Lecturer, Gen. Ed.



Ms. Wafaa Basheer Acting Department Chair, English Language
Mr. El Sayed Mahmoud Lecturer, English Language
Mr. Mahmoud Sultan Nafa Lecturer, English Language
Ms. Faiza Bent Siddiqi Lecturer, English Language



Dr. Mahmoud Haj-Ahmed Director of Research



Dr. Ashok Kumar Kabi Satpathy Director in Quality Assurance & IE
Mr. Mustafa Ahmed Mustafa Yaghi Quality Assurance Manager
Ms. Razan Ashour Quality Assurance Officer
Mr. Salaheldin Mostafa Khalifa Hussin Quality Assurance Officer
Ms. Huda Fouad Admin Assistant – QA (Temporary)



Hassnaa Fawaz MLaw, Blaw, PRA, PDT, Gen Ed, English
Aisha Awad MBA, BBA, HRMA, BDS, BP
Mays Maher Fawzi Alsadi



Mohamed Tawfik Assistant Librarian
Ivy Cruzata Assistant Librarian
Deema Kiwan Library Assistant

Health Science Faculty Profiles

  • BDS 1993, MSc 2000 and PhD 2005 Degrees from University of Baghdad. Iraw
  • Current Poisition: Acting Dean at CUCA ( Associate Professor)
  • Department of Dental Surgery
  • E mail|:
  • Telephone: +971(6)7111306



Dr. Ali Abdul Wahab Razooki Al Shekhli is an Associate Professor and Acting Dean with CUCA in the Department of Dental Surgery.  He received his BDS, MSc and PhD Degrees from University of Baghdad, Iraq in 1993, 2000, and 2005 respectively. His specialization is in Conservative Dentistry and experience is primarily in Operative and Endodontics.

Dr Ali Shekhli has worked in reputed UAE universities, along with being a guest speaker in multiple international and dental conferences. His expertise throughout the years has been in the fields of Operative, Endodontics, Fixed Prosthodontics and Biomaterials which provides him a wide range of knowledge and aptitude. He has been a scientific researcher in Biomaterials, Endodontics and Operative Dentistry and has published in reputable journals.


Areas of Specialization

  • Operative Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Biomaterials 


Speaker in many of International and local Dental Conferences

  • AEEDC DUBAI 2017, 7-9 Feb.
  • AU dental Conference 13-14 April 2017.
  • 39th Asia Pacific Dental Congress, 22-25 May 2017.
  • International Conference on Dentistry & Oral Health ICDO Sep. 14-16, 2017 at Valencia, Spain 2017.
  • 40th Asia Pacific Dental Congress, 7-11May 2018 Manila 
  • International Conference on Dentistry & Oral Health ICDO Sep. 20-22, 2018 at Rome, Italy.
  • RAKCODS dental conference, 5th & 6th October 2018: (Dentistry Now and Beyond).  
  • “Train the Trainer” Workshop, 17-19 Feb. 2019, Milano, Italy. 
  • International Conference on Dentistry & Oral Health ICDO Sep. 16-18, 2019 at London, UK.
  • Dental Hygienist seminar (11th Dental Facial Cosmetic International conference Dubai, 8 Nov 2019 Dubai, UAE by CAPP



  1. Al- Shekhli AA. Depth of cure evaluation of four different light-activated composites using different curing modes. J Bagh Coll Dentistry 2009; 21(1):5-8.
  2. Al- Shekhli AA. Post-gel polymerization shrinkage strain evaluation of four light-activated composites using different curing modes. J Bagh Coll Dentistry 2009; 21(2):14-17.
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  19. Al- Shekhli AA., Al-Aubi IA: Beverages immersion effect on compomer and giomer microhardness. JIDMR 2020; 13(1): 67-72. 
  20. Al- Shekhli AA., Al-Aubi IA: Compressive strength evaluation of giomer and compomer storage in different media. JIDMR, 2020; 13(1):23-28.
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  22. Al- Shekhli AA., Al-Aubi IA: Evaluation of cyclic fatigue resistance of different rotary endodontic file systems. JIDMR, 2020; 13(3):849-53.

  • Member of the General Pharmaceutical Council, UK
  • Member of the Egyptian syndicate for Pharmacists
  • PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences, King’s College London, UK
  • Position: Associate Professor-Acting head of Pharmacy department
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +971(6)7111320



Dr. Hala Afifi is a member of the General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK along with being a part of Egyptian syndicated for Pharmacists. Currently, she’s an Associate Professor with CUCA and heads the Pharmacy Program. She actively participates in trainings in Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Healthcare Management programs all across MENA region and the UK.

Her specialization is in Pharmacy orientation, Physical pharmacy, Thermodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Dosage Preparation and Optimization and Pharmaceutical Polymers with considerable expertise and skills in patient counselling that involves both primary and secondary healthcare sectors. Dr. Hala has been an active speaker in several national and international conferences.


Area of specialization:Pharmacy orientation, Physical pharmacy, Thermodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Dosage Form Preparation and Optimisation and Pharmaceutical Polymers.


Selected Publication:

  1. Marcelo A. da Silva, Evelyne Weinzaepfel, Hala Afifi, Jonny Eriksson, Isabelle Grillo, Margarita Valero and Cécile A. Dreiss, Tuning the Viscoelasticity of Nonionic Wormlike Micelles with β-Cyclodextrin Derivatives: A Highly Discriminative Process. Langmuir, 2013, 29, 7697–7708
  2. Hala Afifi, Göran Karlsson, Richard K. Heenan and Cécile A. Dreiss, Structural transitions in cholesterol-based wormlike micelles induced by encapsulating alkyl ester oils with varying architecture. J. Colloid Interface Sci, 2012, 378, 125-134
  3. Hala Afifi, Göran Karlsson, Richard K. Heenan and Cécile A. Dreiss, Solubilisation of oils or addition of monoglycerides drives the formation of wormlike micelles with an elliptical cross-section in cholesterol-based surfactants: a study by rheology, SANS and Cryo-TEM. Langmuir, 2011, 27, 7480-74.
  1. Hala Afifi, Marcelo A. da Silva, Cécile Nouvel, Jean-Luc Six, Christian Ligoure, Cécile A. Dreiss, Associative networks of cholesterol-modified dextran with short and long micelles, Soft Matter, 2011, 7, 4888-4899.
  2. Hala Afifi, Cécile A. Dreiss. Wormlike micelles ‘biogels’ for the sustained release of drugs. Eur Biophys J, 2007, 36, (suppl 1): S51-S248.

  • Visiting Professor – Brock University/ Canada 
  • Post-Doctoral Study in Medical Science – Institute of Cellular Medicine / UK.  
  • PhD in Eco- Biology / Bioavailability of minerals –  Hohenheim University / Germany
  • Position: Associate Professor 
  • Department of Dental Surgery 
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +971(6)7111319



Dr. Yassen Alfoteih is an Associate Professor with City University College of Ajman’s Dentistry department. He has a PhD in Eco- Biology / Bioavailability of minerals from Hohenheim University located in Germany and his Post-Doctoral is in Medical Sciences from the Institute of Cellular Medicine. He is one of the leading members in the dentistry department. 

Dr. Alfoteih’s background is in Public Health and he has worked in many prestigious institutes across UAE. Additionally, he has specialized in Cell Biology and Histology, Anatomy and Physiology, Toxicology, Epidemiology and Medical Laboratory settings.


Areas of Specialization

  • Cell Biology and Histology, Anatomy and Physiology, Toxicology, Epidemiology 
  • Medical laboratory settings 


Selected publications

  1. Kharaba, Z. J., Buabeid, M. A., Ibrahim, N. A., Jirjees, F. J., Al Obaidi, H. J., Kaddaha, A., … & Alfoteih, Y. (2020). Testosterone therapy in hypogonadal patients and the associated risks of cardiovascular events. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 129, 110423.
  2. Kharaba, Z., Kousar, R., Alfoteih, Y., Azhar, S., Khan, S. A., & Murtaza, G. (2020). Nurses perception of pharmaceutical care practice: A qualitative approach. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 19(4), 87-892.
  3. Kharaba, Z. J., Buabeid, M. A., & Alfoteih, Y. A. (2020). Effectiveness of testosterone therapy in hypogonadal patients and its controversial adverse impact on the cardiovascular system. Critical Reviews in Toxicology, 50(6), 491512. 
  4. Kaukab, I., Shah, S. N. H., Kharaba, Z. J., Buabeid, M. A., Alfoteih, Y. A., & Murtaza, G. (2020). Effect of clarithromycin pre-treatment on the pharmacokinetics of metoclopramide after their simultaneous oral intake. Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism & Toxicology.
  5. Ijaz, M., Ameen, F., Abd Alfoteih, Y., Shamim, S., Alshehri, W. A., & Murtaza, G. (2020). Dissecting Streptococcus pyogenes interaction with human. Archives of Microbiology. 
  6. Y. Alfoteih, R. Karkain, S. Abdullah , Z. Kharaba (2020) Comparative Assessment  of   Bio-Chemical  quality  of   bottled  and   tap  water  in  UAE  ( accepted – Scopus indexed Journal)
  7. Naushad, A., Alsaraeji, Z., Ruhumbika, Y., Isong, E. U., & Alfoteih, Y. (2019). The Prevalence of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among the Nurses in Dubai: Occupational Health Study. Medico Legal Update, 19(1), 156-160.
  8. Kharaba, Z., Burns, G., Ward, C., West, S., Hamid, Q., Mahboub, B., … & Alfoteih, Y. (2019). A proof of concept study describing extraoesophageal reflux in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea and asthma and the effects of continuous positive airway pressure.
  9. Y. Alfoteih, Z.. Jaber, How to design your epidemiological study: Research structure and design at a glance. Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research Open Access. ISSN 2155-6113. Abstract. Scopus Indexed 
  11. Alfoteih. Y, Jaber Zelal ( 2018) Current Status and Future Challenges in the Municipal Waste Management. Envirocities magazine. Issue 19 – January 2018). 
  12. Y Alfoteih, L Khajehkarimoddini, S Azizi , S Babu, Z Kharaba ( 2017) Shisha: The Silent killer – ( Published – keynote speaker – Health congress – Dubai , UAE ) 
  13. L Khajehkarimoddini, S Gosavic, M Kasturec, M Soltanie, S Azizid, H Sadeghikhahd, Y Alfoteih, R Deopurkarb (2017) A Noble Mediator-Free Microbial Fuel Cell Under Magnetic Field ( Published – keynote speaker – advanced material development and performance – Pune – India ) 
  14. L Khajehkarimoddinia, S Gosavi, M Kasture , S Azizid, H Sadeghikhahd, Y Alfoteih, and R Deopurkar (2017) Bio-synthesized Silver Nano Particles: Enhancer Current Capacity in Microbial Fuel Cell (Published – keynote speaker – advanced material development and performance – Pune – India ) 
  15. Y Alfoteih, S Babu, Z. Kharaba (2016) Hygienic criteria of sea water – Dubai as case study. Chair of 6th Global academic meeting – Dubai – U