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Credential: Bachelors Degree
Duration: 4 Years
Credit Hours: 120
Tuition Fee: AED 908 per credit hour (see detailed fee structure here)
Class Timings: Morning and Evening
Medium of Instruction: English

BBA Program Mission

The mission of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to serve as effective, responsible, and ethical leaders and managers in the modern workforce of today–anywhere in the world. It prepares graduates for a diverse assortment of careers in the business sector and for graduate studies. The program focuses on decision-making, problem-solving, developing strong ethical values, social responsibility, and working to achieve success in culturally-diverse settings.

Program Goals

The BBA program prepares its graduates to:

  • Possess a solid background in business theory and practice.
  • Succeed in entry-level business careers, progress in current positions, or pursue advanced learning.
  • Develop the necessary skills to function effectively in a global economy.
  • Communicate effectively in any setting.
  • Make ethical and professional decisions, and practice social responsibility.
  • Adopt information technology to develop business solutions.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students after graduation students will be able to:

  • Apply appropriate business theories and practices to solve routine and unpredictable problems.
  • Adapt to professional and responsible roles, independently and collectively, to achieve intended outcomes.
  • Practice professional integrity and ethical standards in a socially responsible manner.
  • Communicate effectively, using a variety of tools and methods, as individuals and in teams in professional work-related contexts.

Major Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of marketing concepts to manage customers and marketing activities, across dynamic global contexts. 
  2. Develop marketing strategies for generating new markets and new business. 
  3. Relate to the contemporary practices of marketing, by implementing responsibly, individually or in teams.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements – BBA- Marketing
Component Courses Credit Hours
General Education 11 33
Core Courses 17 51
Specialization 9 27
Elective Courses 3 9
Total Required 40 120

Study Plan

Download Study Plan

General Education Courses

Sr. Course Code Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
1 CIS 101 Computer Fundamentals 3
2 ENG 101 English I 3
3 ENG 102 English II 3
4 ENV 201 Environmental Science 3
5 HUM 101 Critical Thinking 3
6 MTH 101 College Mathematics 3
7 REL 201 Islamic Studies 3
RELA 201 Islamic Studies in Arabic
8 SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
9 SSS 101 Study Skills 3
10 UAE 201 UAE Studies 3
UAEA 201 UAE Studies in Arabic
11 BUS 204 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
Total 33


Course Number Course Name Credit Hour Prerequisite
Semester 1
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
ENG 101 English I 3
MTH 101 College Mathematics 3
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SSS 101 Study Skills 3
Semester 2
ACC 101 Accounting I 3
BUS 102 Business Statistics 3 MTH 101
CIS 101 Computer Fundamentals 3
ENG 102 English II 3 ENG 101
HUM 101 Critical Thinking 3
Semester 3
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting 3 ACC 101
BUS 201 Business Communication 3
BUS 202 Business Ethics 3
ECO 201 Microeconomics 3
RELA 201 Islamic Studies 3
REL 201 Islamic Studies (in English) 3
Semester 4
ECO 202 Macroeconomics 3
FIN 301 Financial Management 3 ACC 101
MKT 302 Principles of Marketing 3 ECO 201
UAE 201 UAE Studies (in English) 3
ENV 201 Environmental Science 3
UAE/A 201 UAE Studies 3
BUS 204 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 BUS 101,ECO 201
Semester 5
BUS 301 Business Research Methods 3 CIS 101,BUS 102
BUS 302 Business Law 3 ECO 201
MGT 302 Management and Organizational
3 ECO 201
MGT 303 Management Information Systems 3 CIS 101,ECO 201
MGT 304 International Management 3 ECO 201
Semester 6
BUS 401 Business Policy and Strategy 3
MGT 402 Operations Management 3 BUS 102
MKT 303 Consumer Behavior 3 MKT 302
MKT 304 Supply Chain Management 3 MKT 302
MKT 306 Retail Management (Elective) 3 MKT 302
MKT 307 Sales Management (Elective) 3 MKT 302
Semester  7
MKT 305 Integrated Marketing Communication 3 MKT 302
MKT 308 Business-to-Business Marketing (Elective) 3 MKT 302
MKT 309 Marketing Research 3 MKT 302
MKT 310 Marketing Strategy (Elective) 3 MKT 302
Semester 8
MKT 402 Brand Marketing 3 MKT 302
MKT 403 Services Marketing 3 MKT 302
MKT 404 International Marketing 3 MKT 302
MKT 495 Internship (Marketing) 3 MKT 302
MKT 499 Marketing Management (Capstone) 3 MKT 302

Note: The student shall select three elective subjects.

Course Description

General Courses
Computer Fundamentals • CIS 101  Prerequisite: None
This course provides students with exposure to basic personal computer operating skills and commonly used software. It includes introducing a word processor and its practical use, worksheets, databases, presentations, network and Internet programs.
English 1 • ENG 101 Prerequisite: None
This course is designed to teach undergraduate students how to read academic texts with understanding, and how to use them in a variety of disciplines. The prescribed literary rhetoric classes teach students critical reading, re-expression, summarizing and quoting, writing, synthesis, analysis and research, and the course volume includes a clear balance between articles published in periodicals and works written by well-known scholars in the fields of science, social sciences and humanities.
English 2  • ENG 102 Prerequisite :ENG 101
This course provides a basic introduction to fiction, non-fiction literature, poetry, as well as theater, which helps the student to develop his creative skills in these areas. Each literary style is independent and includes integrated works as examples with helpful advice on how to benefit from the range of technologies used. The method used here is simple and not rigid, but it is practical and positive.
Environmental science • ENV 201 Prerequisite: None
A multidisciplinary course that emphasizes the importance of the history of interest in the environment, the interaction of species (whether with each other or with their environment), air, water, soil, biological resources, population dynamics, toxicology, energy sources, land use management, and other related topics. The basic principles of science are also incorporated into the subject classes.
Critical Thinking • HUM 101 Prerequisite: None
This course examines the process of critical thinking and helps students to think more clearly, insightfully, and effectively. Relevant examples drawn from students’ experiences and contemporary situations help students develop their ability to solve problems, analyze issues, and make informed decisions in their academic, professional, and personal lives. This course includes objective readings, codified writing assignments, and ongoing discussions aimed at helping students develop language skills while at the same time enhancing complex thinking skills.
College Mathematics • MTH 101 Prerequisite: None
This course provides a sound and intuitive understanding of the basic concepts students need while pursuing their careers in business, economics, as well as the social and life sciences. It also includes a brief review of functions, graphs, algebra, equations and inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions, linear and nonlinear equations, diagrams of conic sections, in addition to calculating the calculus with one variable, which includes: limits, derivatives, applications of derivatives as well as finite and non-integrals Some applications are limited.
Islamic Studies • REL 201 Prerequisite: None
The Islamic Studies course introduces Islam in a way that enables students to relate it to their lives and to society at large. The pillars of faith and Islam are taught to explain what Islam represents as a code of life. Explaining the culture of Islam in detail in a comparative manner with other cultures. The course begins with the fundamentals of Islam and its main teachings through a modern view that connects it to the contemporary world and its challenges. It also shows the great role of Islamic civilization on humanity. The teaching of this course aims to provide solutions to existing problems in the light of Islam.
Introduction to Sociology • SOC101 Prerequisite: None
This course is an introduction to the study of people and their interactions with each other and with their environment as well as with various social groups. The course allows students to develop their awareness of the relationships between individuals’ beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as their society and culture. Students also learn how to apply social concepts to current issues affecting individuals, modern society, and the international community.
Study Skills • SSS 101 Prerequisite: None
This course provides the student with the learning skills necessary to succeed in university studies, and it also gives the student skills that he can use in his personal and professional life. Students also learn many techniques that can be used in the areas of communication, research practices, teamwork, computers, creativity, critical thinking, presentation skills, and knowledge in general.
UAE Studies • UAE 201     Prerequisite: None
This course presents how the UAE society was founded with a focus on historical, social, economic, political, and cultural aspects.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship • BUS 204 Prerequisite: BUS 101, ECO 201
In this course, students are exposed to the main theories and research on entrepreneurship and innovation, and then experiment with applying them to a broader and contemporary context. This includes public and corporate services, emerging technologies and economies, sustainability and development, value creation and leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation. Readings, case studies, and discussions help organize the course material with a clear and fundamental link between entrepreneurship and innovation. At the end of the course, students develop a comprehensive work project.


BBA Core Courses
Accounting 1 • ACC 101  Prerequisite: None
The significance of accounting and the challenges it presents. Extensive coverage and review of major concepts followed by practical exercises.
Managerial Accounting • ACC 202 Prerequisite: ACC 101
The course will provide a study of the role of the management accountant in the preparation, analysis, and interpretation of accounting and financial data for business management purposes.
Introduction to Business • BUS 101 Prerequisite: None
This course provides first-year students with an understanding of business systems and guides them to the field of business organizations. It intends to familiarize students with the basic concepts of business and introduce them to the terms used in business processes, operations, and organizations. The course emphasizes the importance of today’s dynamic business environment, globalization, social responsibility, and forms of ownership, human dimension, essentials of marketing and financial management.
Business Statistics • BUS 102 Prerequisite: MTH 101
This course introduces students to statistical analysis and how it relates to business decision making. Students will learn how to apply statistical tools for the collection, presentation, description, analysis and interpretation of data in business contexts. Topics covered include variables, levels of measurements, basic survey design, descriptive measures, probability analysis, sampling and hypothesis testing, correlation, regression analysis, and time-series forecasting. The course includes theoretical and practical lectures.
Business Communication • BUS 201  Prerequisite: None
The primary forms of communication used in business organizations today. A variety of strategies along with some of the technologies, which support effective business communication.
Business Ethics• BUS 202 Prerequisite: None
Traditional ethical theories and how they apply to business. The course provides an understanding of how ethical issues in business arise and some strategies to control or resolve them.
Business Research Methods • BUS 301 Prerequisite: CIS 101, BUS 102
The course is designed to introduce the business research process where students learn to understand the managerial problems and formulate research questions and hypotheses. Students gain insight into choosing the right research design, construction of research instruments, sampling, both qualitative and quantitative data collection, data analysis and report presentation.
Business Law • BUS 302 Prerequisite: ECO 201
This course introduces the legal framework of business and application of laws in business world. Emphasis is placed on contracts, negotiable instruments, and how court systems operate. Students learn ways to apply ethical issues and laws covered to selected business decision-making situations.
Business Policy and Strategy • BUS 401 Prerequisite: None
The course offers the most recent theories and current practices in strategic management. The development and implementation of corporate strategies as well as functional strategies in various areas of business activity such as finance, sourcing, production, human resource management, marketing, and international business.
Microeconomics • ECO 201 Prerequisite: None
An introduction to the analysis of the principles and problems at the microeconomic level. This course elaborates on the theories of demand and supply along with the various types of elasticity. It discusses the costs of production and the profit maximization for an individual firm under varying degrees of competition, pricing, and the deployment of resources.
Macroeconomics • ECO 202 Prerequisite: None
Students will gain an understanding of the analysis of principles and problems at the macroeconomic level. The course examines the public and private sectors, national income, unemployment, inflation, income distribution, and fiscal and monetary policies as they relate to the economy.
Financial Management •FIN 301  Prerequisite: ACC 101
The course gives an understanding and perspective on the financial management functions in an organization. It provides the ability to use tools like financial statement analysis, financial planning and working capital management. It enhances long-term investment decisions through the use of valuation principles and equips students with the ability and confidence to tackle common financial problems in practice.
Principles of Marketing • MKT 302 Prerequisite: ECO 201
This course describes the relationship between the firm and its customers, market opportunities and customer value. It analyzes the marketing environment and ways to manage marketing information. It helps the students to explain product, product life cycle, and customer-driven marketing strategy, product decisions, pricing strategies, distribution channels and promotion mix.
Management and Organizational Behavior • MGT 302 Prerequisite: ECO 201
This course provides an overview of the major functions of management like planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. It also provides a balanced coverage of all the key elements comprising the discipline of Organizational Behavior in a style that students will find both informative and interesting. Students will learn about the relation between structure and culture; leadership, motivation, teamwork, and communication.
Management Information Systems • MGT 303 Prerequisite: CIS 101, ECO 201
The course provides an overview of Management Information Systems (MIS) in business. It provides students with the concepts and importance of MIS in creating and managing successful, competitive firms in today’s environment. In addition, this course  exlpains the key concepts related to software, database systems, and systems development and  e-Business systems and discusses business problems using information systems and information technology, along with enterprise business systems. Finally, this course compares how organizations, management, and technology are brought together to form networked enterprises and decision support systems.
International Management • MGT 304 Prerequisite: ECO 201
The activities of globalizing companies, including resource development, overseas operations and management, international management styles, and global strategies.  There is strong emphasis on theoretical analysis, with particular focus given to in-depth case study analyses of international strategies.
Operations Management •MGT 402 Prerequisite: BUS 102
This course Introduces students to the dynamic field of Operations Management: converting inputs into outputs through established processes. This course focuses on the strategic decisions that operations managers have to make along with concepts of distribution, project management, quality assurance, and lean manufacturing. Students engage in several practical exercises to enhance skills related to operational planning and execution.


Specialization Courses
Consumer Behavior  • MKT 303 Prerequisite: MKT 302
Students in this course look at the consumer functions of decision-making, attitude formation and change, cognition, perception, and learning. The marketing concepts of product positioning, segmentation, brand loyalty, shopping preference and diffusion of innovations are considered in context with the environmental, ethical, multicultural and social influences on an increasingly diverse global consumer.
Supply Chain Management • MKT 304 Prerequisite: MKT 302
The goal of this course is not only to cover high-level supply chain strategy and concepts, but also to give students a solid understanding of the analytical tools necessary to solve supply chain problems. It also develops an understanding of key areas and their interrelationships, namely the strategic role of the supply chain, key strategic drivers of supply chain performance, and methodologies used to analyze supply chains.
Integrated Marketing Communication • MKT 305  Prerequisite: MKT 302
This course aims to equip students to understand the important tools of the promotional mix such as advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, publicity and public relations, personal selling, and interactive internet marketing. It also helps them see why organizations try to position their brand firmly in the minds of the target market to achieve desired results.
Retail Management • MKT 306 (Elective) Prerequisite: MKT 302
In this era of multi-product super markets, learning the principles of retailing and effectively utilizing them has become imperative. The spirit behind the course is to make the student understand this important element in the overall marketing mix of mass distributed products. Again this course will highlight the importance of administration and strategic planning in both large and small retail firms. It concentrates on the management of retail functions to include stock planning, inventory control, markup and pricing, retail accounting, merchandising, retail promotion, human resources management, store location, design and layout, legal and ethical issues, and the use of information systems.
Sales Management • MKT 307   (Elective)  Prerequisite: MKT 302
This course examines the elements of an effective sales force as a key component of an organization’s total marketing effort. Course objectives include understanding the sales process, the relationship between sales and marketing, sales force structure, customer relationship management (CRM), and issues in recruiting, selecting, and training, motivating, compensating and retaining the best sales people.
Business-to-Business Marketing • MKT 308  (Elective)  Prerequisite: MKT 302
An overview of business-to-business marketing with emphasis on marketplace dynamics. Students explore concepts and issues that are common in the present-day marketing environment. Topics include organizational buying behavior, legal and regulatory concerns, target markets, positioning, branding, supply chains, communication, and ethics.
Marketing Research • MKT 309 Prerequisite: MKT 302
The primary objective of this course is to provide students with tools to undertake and critically evaluate marketing research projects. Students use a hands-on approach to explore both qualitative and quantitative marketing-research tools, and evaluate the results obtained.
Marketing Strategy • MKT 310 (Elective) Prerequisite: MKT 302
This course aims to teach students how to design a marketing strategy by understanding the nature and structure of the market, analyzing the internal and external environmental factors and by applying SWOT analysis. This course also focuses on the importance of marketing mixes, the product life cycle, and its role in formulating and designing an accurate marketing strategy.
Brand Marketing • MKT 402 Prerequisite: MKT 302
Students learn how marketing professionals use brand names, identities, and recognition to result in sales. The course includes historical and regional examples of brand marketing.
Services Marketing • MKT 403 Prerequisite: MKT 302
Unique challenges are associated with marketing services to develop management-level skills for marketing a service business including marketing research applications, marketing planning and customer satisfaction. Service industries contribute to the GDPs of many countries and provide career opportunities for people around the world. This course enables students to understand how marketing services is different from marketing goods. It helps them make decisions about positioning, distribution, pricing, and promoting different services with the help of the marketing mix in a growing competitive service industry.  It covers service organizations like banking, transportation, airlines, hotels, insurance, and other government and non-government service organizations.
International Marketing • MKT 404 Prerequisite: MKT 302
This course dwells on the applications of marketing theory in the field of international market context. The emergence of global markets requires students to understand factors influencing marketing strategies in global markets. This course aims at empowering students to understand and analyze international marketing contexts in a rational manner and help them make decisions to tap into international market opportunities
Internship • MKT 495 Prerequisite: MKT 302
This course offers students the chance to gain first-hand experience in an actual workplace environment. It also provides students with the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to practical work situations. It introduces and exposes students to the differences between obligations and responsibilities in their personal lives and those found in the working world.
Marketing Management (Capstone) • MKT 499 Prerequisite: MKT 302
This is a capstone course. Students will use a practical, systematic approach to developing a sound marketing plan as they consider the business mission, situation analysis, strategy formulation, the development and implementation of product, pricing, communication, and distribution policies. At the end of this course, students are expected to prepare a research project applying scientific research methodology.

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Airlines
  • Insurance Companies
  • Private Industry
  • Banks
  • International Companies
  • Publishing Companies
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Marketing Firms
  • Retail Businesses
  • Communications
  • Marketing and Research
  • Securities Brokers
  • Computer Industry
  • Management Consulting
  • Television
  • Government Agencies
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Media Outlets

Program Tuition Fee

Application⬧Admission⬧Registration Fees ( Undergraduate Programs )
Admission Fee  AED 1,500 One-time fee submitted with application, non-refundable
Admission Fee 

(International Students) 

AED 3,000 One-time fee submitted with application, non-refundable
Registration Fee (Regular Semester) AED 500 Per Semester, non-refundable
Registration Fee  (Summer) AED 300 Per Session, non-refundable
Tuition Fees
Dental Surgery AED 2,000 Per credit hour
Pharmacy AED 1,500 Per credit hour
BBA (FIN, HRM, MIS, MKT) AED 908 Per credit hour
Hospitality and Tourism Management AED 825 Per credit hour
B.Law and HRM (Arabic) AED 935 Per credit hour
Public Relations and Advertising AED 908 Per credit hour
Other Fees
Student Activity Fee (Regular Semester) AED 250 Per Semester
Student Activity Fee (Summer) AED 100 Per Session
Credit Transfer Fee AED 300
Late Registration Fee AED 200 Per Course
Add and drop processing fee AED 30
Re-test Fee (test1 , test2, midterm exam)(Undergraduate) AED 300
Supplementary Exam Fee (final exam)(Undergraduate) AED 1000 Per Course
Computer Lab and Internet Fee (Pharmacy and Dental Surgery) AED 650 When registering in the Computer Course
Laboratory and Clinic Fee (Dental Surgery) AED 4,000

AED 6,000

1st – 3rd years 

Every Semester

4th – 5th years

Productive Lab Fee (Dental Surgery) AED 3,000 4th – 5th years
Training Fee AED 4,000 Year 5

Summer I and Summer II

Laboratory and Clinic Fee (Pharmacy) AED 2,600 Every Semester
Tutorial Fees (Pharmacy) AED 550 Student per Course (3rd and 4th Year). There are 3 courses in 3rd year and 1 course in 4th year
Training Fees (Pharmacy) for Community Pharmacy Training AED 500 Student per Course (4th Year) There are 2 courses in 4th year
Training Fees (Pharmacy) for Training in Hospital AED 500 Student per Course (4th Year) There are 2 courses in 4th year
Training Fees (Pharmacy) for Pharmaceutical Technology (Julphar) AED 1,500 Student per Course (4th Year) There is 1 courses in 4th year
Visa Deposit AED 5,000 Refundable at the time of visa cancellation and after completing one year of study at CUCA
Visa Processing Fee AED 2,000
Add/Drop Processing Fee AED 30 For each request form
Re-Test Fee  AED 300
Incomplete Exam Fee  AED 1,000
Graduation Fee AED 1,250
Transcript Fee AED 75
ID Replacement Fee AED 50
Diploma Replacement Fee AED 500
Change of Major Fee AED 500
Grade Appeal Fee AED 200
Intensive English Program ⬧ Consists of 3 Levels
Level 1 AED 5,500 Duration is one semester (180 study hours)
Level 2 AED 4,400 Duration is one semester (135 study hours)
Level 3 AED 3,850 Duration is one semester (90 study hours)


* CUCA may charge fees for additional services and facilities as required and may increase fees at any time without prior notice.

** The mentioned fees do not include (5% VAT)

Faculty Profiles

Name: Beenish Shameem

Academic Position: Assistant Professor


College/Department:  Marketing


  • PHD in Business Management – 2012 / University of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India
  • MBA – 2008 / Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir, India
  • BBA – 2004 / University of Kashmir, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
  • Feb 2021-june2021/Certification in Digital marketing from London institute of internet marketing and Research studies.

Professional Experience:

  • City University College Ajman | Ajman | Assistant Professor | January 2020 – Present
  • Course Teaching: Supply chain management, Marketing management, consumer Behaviour, Sales Management.
  • Mena College of Management | Dubai | Assistant Professor | September 2018 – January 2020
  • Skyline University | Sharjah | Lecturer | January 2017 – August 2018
  • Al Khawarizmi International college | Al Ain | Assistant Professor | June 2013 – June 2016

Courses Taught:

Marketing Management, Perspective of management, Comparative management, Consumer Behaviour, CRM, E-Marketing and international marketing, Principle of Management, Comparative Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer relationship management, Services marketing, Strategic Management, Organisation Behaviour, Business research.

Research Areas:

1.“Does Media Influence fashion consciousness of Muslim women consumers: Evidence from the United Arab Emirates” | Journal: International Journal of Business Innovation and Research | Indexing: SCOPUS (Elsevier), ABDC – C

2.Decline of test cricket in the era of t20: an in-depth analysis. Journal: Journal of the Social Sciences Indexing: SCOPUS

3.A sustainable framework of micro entrepreneurship aiming towards self-sufficiency for lower income groups. Journal: the Journal of entrepreneurship. Indexing: Copernicus, Google scholar

4.Servqual in financial services: Case study of LIC of India. | Journal: International Journal Research in Commerce and Management | ISSN 2231-1009, VOLUME No. 2 issue No.02 Feb. 2012 |Indexing: Google Scholar, UGC

5.Marketing strategies in financial services. Journal: International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services & Management Research Vol.1 Issue 11, November 2012, ISSN 2277 3622 |Indexing: Google Scholar, UGC

6.Challenges faced by banking industry in UAE | Journal: International Journal Research in Commerce and Management VOLUME NO.04 Issue no 06(June) 2014, ISSN 2231-5756 | Indexing: Google Scholar, UGC

7.UAE - The integration of business technology and corporate competitiveness, —Reengineering the operational efficiencies |Journal: International Journal Research in Commerce and Management VOLUME NO.04(2014), Issue no 06(June), ISSN 2231-5756 | Indexing: Google Scholar, UGC

8.Service quality and Service strategies as antecedents of customer satisfaction in service industry. |Journal: International Journal: Research in Commerce and Management: VOLUME NO.05(2014), Issue no 06(June), ISSN 0976-2183 | Indexing: Google Scholar, UGC

9.Exploring Role of technology to create financial literacy in consumers. |Journal: Asia pacific journal of marketing & management Review Vol.5 – No.10 – OCT. 2016 ISSN ONLINE: 2319-2836.Indexing: Google Scholar, UGC

10.An Assessment of Installation of Business incubators At Al Khawarizmi International College/ Al AIN in UAE (2017) Journal: International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications ISSN: 2456-9992 Indexing: Google Scholar, UGC

11.Internet banking adoption among young adult in India: A study of behavioural intentions, perceived usefulness, and perceived trust by integrating TAM | Journal: IUP Publications Indexing: Google Scholar, UGC

12. Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Engagement: An Empirical Examination in Indian perspective. Journal: International Journal of Business Research Indexing: SCOPUS

Non-Academic publications:

Innovation is a key to competitiveness: Gulf News competitiveness-1.1909081\ Cashing in on tourism: Forbes Middle East.

A leading nation in innovation and entrepreneurial support pg.42 vol. 7 may-June 18Young Vision - The Education Magazine

Conference Presentation:

Sustainable tourism development- paper presented in the international conference in University of Jammu – March 2011

An overview to micro insurance” paper presented at national conference, BGSBU University Rajouri, Apr’ 2009.

“Derivatives and its types” presented in BGSBU Rajouri University, paper presented in April 2007.

“Challenges and opportunities of business in 21st century” presented at SMVD University Jammu, March 2006

Economic growth by way of Islamic Banking and finance presented at BGSB university, India on 21 April 2017.

AICTE sponsored national seminar on micro finance: “Banking Solution to Poverty and Low-Income trap” school of management studies BGSB University Rajouri: 5 April – 6 April 2010

National conference on Trans Himalayan tourism: University of Jammu in collaboration with tourism dept. of Government of Jammu and Kashmir. 5 March to 6 March 2010.

National seminar on integrated approach to tourism development: Contemporary practices and innovations. University of Jammu in collaboration with tourism department, Govt of J&K. 18 march,11-19 Mar ‘11

International conference on cross culture management: practice and research international Centre for cross culture research and human resource management. university of Jammu: 24-25 February2010

International conference on cross culture management: practice and research international Centre for cross culture research and human resource management university of Jammu20-21 February 2010

Name:                          Dr. Rameshwaran Byloppilly

Academic Position:   Deputy Head, Assistant Professor,                                          



Department of Marketing,

City University College of Ajman

Ajman, UAE.


  1. PhD in Marketing from Kannur University, India in 2010.
  1. MBA in Marketing Management from University of Calicut, India in 1996.
  1. NET (JRF) in Marketing Management, UGC in 1996
  1. B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Calicut, University of Calicut, India in 1991.

Professional Experience:

  1. Feb 2016 till date: Deputy Head, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, City University College of Ajman, Ajman, UAE.
  2. Sept 2014 - Jan 2016: Assistant Professor, University of Jazeera, Dubai, UAE.
  3. Sept 2012 - August 2014: Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, University of West London, RasAlKhaima, UAE.
  4. Dec 2010 - Sept 2012: Associate Professor, Department of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Calicut, India
  1. June 2001 - Dec 2010: Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Kannur University, India.
  1. Feb 1998 – Feb 2001: Lecturer, International Institute of Professional Studies, University of Delhi, India

Teaching Areas: (At MBA Level):

  • Advanced Marketing Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Services Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • E-Marketing
  • Operations Management

Teaching Areas: (At BBA Level):

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Research
  • International Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing Management (Capstone)
  • Internship

Research Areas:

  1. Sustainability Marketing
  2. Consumer Behavior
  3. Commerce
  4. E-Marketing
  5. Customer Relationship Management
  6. Higher Education
  7. Consumer Perception


  1. Member of IIMP (International Institute of Marketing Professionals), Canada.
  2. Member of International Association of Educators and Corporate Trainers (IAECT), India.
  3. Member of International Association of Science and Technology (IAST), India.
  4. Member of European Centre for Research Training and Development, United Kingdom. (Membership Number: 7688)
  5. Member of International Journal of Economics, Business, and Management Research (IJEBMR)
  6. Member of CMA (Calicut Management Association), Calicut, India.
  7. Member of AIMA (All India Management Association), New Delhi, India.

Conference Presentation:

  1. Presented a research paper on ‘Impact of E-Commerce in the Retail Landscape of UAE during COVID-19-An Overview’ in the Delhi Conference organized by the Indo-Gulf Marketing Association on 19 December 2020.
  1. Presented a research paper on ‘Role of Digital Marketing and Tech Skills in the Job Market of UAE during COVID-19’ in the Singapore Conference organized by the Indo-Gulf Marketing Association on 28 November 2020.
  1. Presented a research paper on ‘Reimagining Business-Focus on Customer’ in the Boston Conference organized by the Indo-Gulf Marketing Association on 31 October 2020.
  1. Participated in the 2-Day workshop on ‘Determining Appropriate Sample Size and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using Smart PLS’ on 14 and 15 February 2021 organized by Primax Academy , Bangalore, India.
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