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CUCA has renewed its licensure in year 2021  |  لقد تلقد تم تجديد ترخيص الكلية في عام 2021

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Message from the Director of Research:

City University College of Ajman (CUCA), the Research Directorate intends to promote and nurture a research culture that integrates research, teaching, and community services related initiatives that are aligned with the national goals. Advancing and enhancing frontiers of knowledge for all stakeholders of CUCA’s community; with capacity building and dissemination of knowledge being the driving thrusts of the strategic direction of the Research Directorate. Our focus is to foster an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and research.

The role of research in academics is significant for its sustainability and development, and it is imperative to have knowledge-driven growth based on innovation. The quality of research work directly translates to the quality of teaching and learning, thereby benefiting our students, our society, and our country. Through collaborations within our community, supporting applied research that can make a difference locally, with an extension of global partnerships that are enabling transformative research in the programs the College offers.

Research Mission

Mission of the Research Directorate:

To promote and support a research culture at CUCA where in pursuit of advancing the boundaries of knowledge aligned with the national goals, the researchers will apply principles of excellence in research, integrate research findings into teaching and learning processes, and contribute to community development.

Research Values

Research Core Values:

Integrity: Responsible and ethical conduct of research.

Inclusion: Mobilizing knowledge to advance and sustain societal development.

Potential Realization: Encourage future generations of and early-career researchers to realize their potential.

Collaboration: Foster collaborative research efforts.

Partnership: Encourage partnerships with other research centres.

Innovation: Leverage innovation and innovative problem-solving approaches.

Creativity: Transforming imaginative ideas into reality.

Research Goals


1. Create a robust research infrastructure that is capable of meeting the research needs of the college.
2. Establish effective and efficient mechanism for the utilization of research funds and budgets.
3. Improve research administrative governance.
4. Align research activities with the strategic direction of the College.
5. Enhance and diversify research output.
6. Create a transparent research environment in which all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities and duties.

Research Spotlight

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