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Licensed by: Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs  |  مرخصة من: وزارة التربية والتعليم - شؤون التعليم العالي
CUCA has renewed its licensure in year 2021  |  لقد تم تجديد ترخيص الكلية في عام 2021

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Student Services

The City University College of Ajman (CUCA) Library provides information resources and services to support the instructional programs and educational goals of the College and to support the research and staff development needs of CUCA Faculty and staff.

To achieve these goals, the Library provides a rich collection of print and electronic resources with a strong focus on course related information and reference support. A computer study area and group study room is also available.


The mission of the CUCA Library isto provide quality information resources and services to support the instructional programs and educational goals of the University.

The operational goals of the Library mission include facilitating access to information through:

Support of learning, teaching, research and creative activities.

The development of library print collections and electronic information.

The Library layout and arrangement for access.

Providing appropriate reference services and promoting individual and group learning activities for Students.

Contact the CUCA Library

You may contact the Library using the following information:

Library City University College of Ajman
P.O. Box: 18484 Ajman, UAE
Tel: +971 6 711 0000, Ext. 212
Fax: +971 6 731 5111

Library Operating Hours

Sunday to Thursday: 09:30AM – 09:30PM

City University College of Ajman is equipped with three computer labs.

Two computer labs specially dedicated for computer lab classes and one for research in library which is always vacant for students as per library opening hours. Research lab is open for the registered student in library with internet access.

At the time of registration, students will be given an official email address from CUCA for internal and external communications with teachers and other students.

CUCA has two clinics to cater to the basic health needs of its students, faculty and staff. The clinics have two full-time nurses with basic services. Primarily, the Clinic provides first-aid treatments for injuries, accidents, and illness. When necessary, it makes referrals to local medical resources. All serious and emergency cases are referred to a local hospital. New students are requested to fill the medical form at the Clinic during their first semester and report any medical conditions or medications they are taking to the nurse in order to effectively deal with any future medical emergencies. Basic clinic services are provided by the College without a charge to all the students enrolled in CUCA. However, students are recommended to have their own medical insurance in case of medical emergencies. Hospital fees are the responsibility of the student.
For more information please contact

The Student Affairs Department provides confidential counseling services and advising to CUCA students. The goal is to help students reduce stress, maximize opportunities for academic and personal success, enhance personal development, and make important life changes. Counseling is treated with full confidentiality, empathy and respect.
For appointments please contact the Counsellor on
For inquiries please contact Student Affairs Department at

There´s plenty of seating in the cafeteria where everyone can enjoy snacks and hot or cold drinks served during College operating hours.

The campus has separate male and female recreation areas where students can relax, play table games, and socialize.

The College has male and female prayer rooms conveniently located in the campus building.